When do you plan to launch your "black magic?"

The first stage of Ligiteco all-in-one business-management cloud app (a.k.a. a single-system-of-record) will go live in February 2024. The second stage will include premium features and will launch later in 2024.

Are you covering all industries?

The initial launch will not cover highly regulated industries such as health and pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco, other controlled substances, firearms, regulated financial services, etc. Likewise, at the initial launch, we may not have enough features to serve highly specialized niche industries such as oil field turnaround services, etc.

What do you mean by ALL business tools?

We cannot replace all imaginable tools, but we cover all key processes:

  • No-code website builder with superior SEO.
  • Social media integration.
  • Email brand integration with your website and marketing campaigns.
  • CRM
  • Scheduling
  • Multi-channel sales platform with sales tax calculation and accounting automation
  • Managerial accounting and reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Production and material planning
  • Quoting automation
  • Hiring, training, payroll, admin, and more

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