We created LIGITECO to allow veteran-owned and small-to-medium size businesses to empower owners to do what lights them up by lifting the soul-sucking part off their shoulders. We help small businesses replace the endless stock of disjointed business admin tools with a single cloud-based app. It has all their business-critical tools in one place, without the tedious repetitive tasks, under a single simple price tag. So, they have a lot more time to do what lights their spark instead.


LIGITECO is a brainchild of Leuenhard's founder, Neil Shrubak. During his nine years in the Navy, he had to work on many projects relying on loads of disjointed systems. It was draining and making everybody burn out. He saw first-hand how talented motivated people had to waste their time on tedious tasks. To help his colleagues claim back their time, he started building all-in-one tools for such projects. The results were amazing. In one case, a task that previously took four people over three days was reduced to under three hours with just two people. His colleagues called it “black magic” and convinced Neil to develop an app to serve business needs everywhere.


Although there are many players offering business services apps, the complexity of an all-in-one app back-end development discourages small entrants and keeps large players' costs high. Our “secret recipe” is an advanced database supported by served-side programming objects. It allows businesses to cover a wide range of activities, from creating responsive accessible websites with superior SEO to managing physical assets and nearly everything in between, including inventory management, social networking, production planning, email marketing, etc.

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